Fantastic food

My roommate and me went to Bugis+ for eating Korean food which are ‘Sparking Soft Drinks”DOBOKI”Korean hot pot’…..They tasted good absolutely as they seen.But…..they are expensive also…….But it’s really a good experience in Singapore.

A short expectation

A new week is coming,and in this week,there is a big celebration for a special festival—Chinese New Year.As a host,we practiced many times to insure that we will not make mistakes on that day,it’s the first time so that I am both exciting and nervous.And after the 3-days holiday,it’s UA for every students.All of us are prepared for this exam earnestly.Above all,I hope I will get a good mark in both school activity and test.

Monitors and CCA Leaders’ meeting

We hade a monitor and CCA leaders’ meeting this Monday.The main content was Mr.Terry and Mrs.Li taught us how to become a good leader.Mr.Terry let us to think about the factor that a successful leader needed and all of us communicated actively. Then Mr.Terry told us lots of factors that we need to carried on such as: authenticity,warmth,optimism…And he also trained us how to solve the conflict between classmates.We learnt a lot from this lecture and I hope I can become a good leader for A1901 and GB in the future as soon as possible.

A visit to Sentosa

It was my first time to visit the Centre area of Singapore.When I came out the subway station,the scene was shocked me.Lots of famous buildings came to my eyes.The beach,the light show and the music fountain mixed together and made a nice performance.Of course, we went to a lane that full of delicious food.I ordered a soup with fresh seafood,it was extremely sour and spicy and I would not forget that taste.It was really a unforgettable trip for me and I hope I can go back again soon!

For class monitors’ meeting

The class monitor meeting held as scheduled this week.All monitors attended the meeting on time. During this meeting, Mr.Lawrence Teo gave us an introduction of the following BBGB charity event, which will be held on Dec. 16th. The main content is to bring the packaged food to the people in need.From the content and photos that teacher showed us,we could get the joy of helping others.As a result,we thanked for Mr.Leo’s interesting introduction and we’ll actively participate in contributing our own strength to the charity.